Media and Communications

Media and communications are the direct line from great bicycle advocacy campaigns to the people who will spread the change. Without them, we might as well stay in our meeting rooms and never expect change. So understanding how to communicate well with our government officials and the people in our communities must be a top a priority for all bicycle advocacy leaders.

One important skill to have is Writing a Press Release that Gets Published . This two page handout is designed as an introduction for first timers as well as a checklist for veteran press release writers to ensure every press release for bicycle improvements gets published.

Great promotional campaigns can also break down misconceptions about bicyclists. Here's a nice example from Fort Collins, Colorado: You know Me, I Ride a Bike. Another great example for showing that bicyclists are just regular people is the Like Riding a Bike campaign. Find more promotional campaign examples on our Bicyclist & Driver Education page.

And if you do a great job showing your officials the benefits of bicycling, you can look forward to boasting with them about your city's bicycling pride like advocactes and officials in Copenhagen have done with this video: